[ENG SUB] Kisumai Radio (MiyaGaya)

After looking back at my previous posts I've come to realise I always sound like a broken record in these first few sentences 😭 I was wondering how I could change it up a bit.. I'll try and think of something for next time. LOL.

Hi! I subbed this episode of Kisumai Radio, they're always short and fun and easy to translate so I love them.

In this episode Miyata and Fujigaya have a funny chat about the kind of adults Kisumai have become, about cooking by themselves over lockdown and about their experiences of doing both group and solo radios.

Also! The song they played was ENDLESS SUMMER. I thought, why not insert the music video? It somehow worked even though the timing was a pain 😭 Let me know what you think! 

Quick note! If you didn't know, "oraora" is the term that was used in Kisumai's webfes to describe performances that are particularly "showy", "cool", "hardcore" kind of style. Just think of Kisumai's performances with fire lol.

Download: here


Okay.. so here I just wanted to give a little update in terms of where I am with subbing projects.

I've been picking up a few projects here and there.. for example when they play ito on KisuBusa (expect another one soon) and also the making of To-y2. But what I'm most excited to share is this:

Quite a while back I announced I would be subbing the KisuDoki trip footage.. and no I hadn't forgotten lol. I really dislike rushing, so I wanted to at least translate all the episodes before I started posting them (just in case a problem came up). And now.. I've finished them!! Hurray!! I'm making this much more dramatic than I should lol, but anyways please do expect those to come very soon. I'm proud of myself for finishing so I'm excited to post them :D I just gotta go through, check and encode them :)

For those who don't know, I'm on a long break from school until September right now, so I'm looking to make the most of it and crack on with subbing. (I'm eyeing a lot of KisuBusa episodes rn.. they're always so fun but barely ever subbed anymore)

Sorry for this ramble! You might see these more often from now on at the bottom of my posts 😭 Feel free to skip or read as you please, lol.

Okay that's all from me <3



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