[ENG SUB] Shopure 19.03.21 Kisumai Hurray! Hurray! and Tanagokoro performance


Nothing much to say here. Except I really wanted people to see the lyrics of these songs, so I took this chance and quickly subbed it. I always knew Tanagokoro was a lovely song, but I never got round to translating it because I thought it would be really hard lol. It wasn't that hard once I broke it down. This was beneficial to me as well because I finally got the excuse to study the lyrics closely and find out the meaning! In my interpretation.

If you had any other interpretations i'd be interested! especially in the line about there being an enemy right next to you, which somewhat came off as unusual to me at first. But apart from that I'm happy with my translation!

download: here


also! if you happened to be curious here's a list on things I'm currently working on

— Shopure with 5nin Sexy Zone guesting

— Kisudoki comfort trip 5 eps

bye for now <3



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