[ENG SUB] The Shounen Club Premium 21.08.20

It's been a while! Hello guys.

As i promised, i finally completed the subs of this Shopure episode, sorry for taking so long! I've been having a bunch of exams so i've been working on it in breaks between studying.

But that's enough about me. In this episode Sexy Zone's Nakajima, Kikuchi, Sato and Marius are guesting! It's sad to see 4nin, but still it was a hilarious episode that is totally worth watching!

First they do KISUMAI BINGO, then a Johnnys Freshness ranking in which Kenty has to guess his own rank! Sekuzo perform RUN and Kisumai perform My Place and Sailing.

This time, the lyric translations were done by me too :]

Download: here


I changed the typesetting style so feel free to let me know which one you prefered!



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