Hello!! I know that i haven't done much at the moment, but i'd like to make a masterlist for the translated things i post on my LJ so it's easier to navigate around. I also hope i can see my growth through this <3

note: i write dates in the format day/month/year


Shounen Club Premium(Kisumai hosting): 

SCP 18.10.19 (2nin Sexy Zone guesting)

SCP 20.12.19 (Trip to Okinawa)

SCP 15.11.19 (5nin Hey! Say! JUMP guesting)

SCP 21.08.20 (4nin Sexy Zone guesting)

Performances only:

19.03.21 Kisumai Hurray! Hurray! & Tanagokoro

19.04.19 Kisumai Pre-Debut medley

Kisumai BUSAIKU!?:

KisuBusa 09.04.20 (Surprise test)

KisuBusa 03.06.21 (ito w/ Paparapiizu)


Astudio 08.09.19 (Gaya guesting)


MV & Makings:

Episode Of FREE HUGS -Kisumai HUG&WALK MV and Making

Luv Bias MV and Making

Bonus footage etc:

Million Joe Episode 5 FC promotion (with Tama and Senga)

Kisumai 7yummy ~Senga Kento~

Kisumai 7yummy ~Fujigaya Taisuke~

Kis-My-TV: Yummy!! (Kisumai Analects)

Kisumai Asia Fashion Awards In Taiwan

Kisumai Moshimo Series Episode 1

Kisumai LIVE TOUR 2020 To-y2 Commentary


Kisuraji 2020.11.18 (TamaGaya)

Song lyrics: 

To-y2 album lyrics masterlist (including translations of my own and other translators)


Johnnys World Happy Live With You Kisumai and A.B.C-Z MC Talks

(I translate Fujigaya, Tamamori and Kitayama's daily jwebs which you can find on twitter)  Currently on a break for the sake of my mental health, but i'll translate the important ones!

Longer Jwebs (usually Mitsu's Q&A):

KITAYAMA DOU? 10.04.20 Q&A

KITAYAMA DOU? 31/12/20 end of year Q&A


Official releases:

Keito No Hitori Goto FC 27.03.20

Kindaichi Shounen No Jikenbo Neo Making

For those who cannot access the posts, please go to my livejournal sticky post and comment under there :] I hope you enjoy my subs <3



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