[ANNOUNCEMENT] Moving sites

Hi! To get straight to the point, I'd been working on making a Wordpress website and now I've finished. At the moment it's very minimalistic (I may end up changing the style in the future) and I'm still not 100% used to it, but from now on I'll be posting my translations there instead!

Here is the site: ryochigosuke.wordpress.com

As for all my previous projects, I will put them off friend-lock. I'll instead lock the MEGA file and provide a decryption key in the post. This just prevents me from having to keep coming back and adding people as a friend here to access older subs :")

So yeah.. if you have any questions, I'm all ears! Hope you enjoy my subs in the future!

If you'd like to navigate yourself arounds the subs that I do have here, then here's the masterlist I used :]


[ENG SUB] Kisumai Radio (MiyaGaya)

After looking back at my previous posts I've come to realise I always sound like a broken record in these first few sentences 😭 I was wondering how I could change it up a bit.. I'll try and think of something for next time. LOL.

Hi! I subbed this episode of Kisumai Radio, they're always short and fun and easy to translate so I love them.

In this episode Miyata and Fujigaya have a funny chat about the kind of adults Kisumai have become, about cooking by themselves over lockdown and about their experiences of doing both group and solo radios.

Also! The song they played was ENDLESS SUMMER. I thought, why not insert the music video? It somehow worked even though the timing was a pain 😭 Let me know what you think! 

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[ENG SUB] Luv Bias MV and Making

This is pretty self-explanatory but within my search for distractions I decided to sub this :") They were so lively in this making, and it's full of cute/funny member interactions!

Truth be told, I'm still having some troubles with video quality after encoding.. this one is somewhat manageable but I tend to struggle with larger files.. If someone has any advice, I'm all ears :")

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[ENG SUB] Kisumai RADIO 2020.11.18 (TamaGaya)

Trust me to randomly start another project on impulse.. yeah. These things happen? Anyways, it's my first time subbing a radio show but I really enjoyed it and finished it pretty quickly!

I had zero experience with this kind of video editing but luckily there wasn't that much complication in the things I had to do. I still have a long way to go though! Now I know the basic feel, I'm interested to sub more of these kisuraji in the future because they're always really entertaining.

In this episode Tamagaya talk about recent youngster vocab, their diversity in acting roles, and their favourite picture books!

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[ENG SUB] Shopure 19.04.19 Kisumai Pre-Debut medley

hello guys! long time no post 😅

my reason is the same as always lol

i subbed this 12-ish minute or so long video because i haven't been able to make much progress on my other subbing projects recently. it's a medley of kisumai's original songs from before they debut! 

I personally was just looking for an excuse to translate Smile because it's my favourite song dkjskjdf

download: here


f-locked on my next release

let me know if there are any problems ;;

see you!



[ENG SUB] Shopure 19.03.21 Kisumai Hurray! Hurray! and Tanagokoro performance


Nothing much to say here. Except I really wanted people to see the lyrics of these songs, so I took this chance and quickly subbed it. I always knew Tanagokoro was a lovely song, but I never got round to translating it because I thought it would be really hard lol. It wasn't that hard once I broke it down. This was beneficial to me as well because I finally got the excuse to study the lyrics closely and find out the meaning! In my interpretation.

If you had any other interpretations i'd be interested! especially in the line about there being an enemy right next to you, which somewhat came off as unusual to me at first. But apart from that I'm happy with my translation!

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[ENG SUB] Kis-My-Ft2 LIVE TOUR 2020 To-y2 Commentary

So on impulse I decided to take up this project, and (quicker than I expected) I managed to finish it :] It's part of the Toy2 footage where the members provide commentary over their concert footage and they respond to fan questions, talk about various things that happened behind the scenes of the production, etc! I think it's really interesting. 

Personally, as Kisumai are my favourite debuted group and Hihi Jets are my favourite junior group, it made me really happy to hear Kisumai talk abt them and compliment them ;;

Quick note: The video quality turned out pretty low after I encoded it.. I'm really sorry, i'll try and sort that out (when I do I'll add the updated one here) but for now I was desperate to get this to you guys quickly ;;

Thanks to Flow's help, I now have a version with better quality! The file size is much bigger so take your pick in which one you would like^^

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[ENG SUB] A-Studio+ 08.09.2019

Hello guys! First I wanted to apologize because as things have become stressful with  online school lately, my productivity with subbing and fandom has declined a lot and I've been just keeping up with Jwebs at most. 

Though, I really enjoy subbing so it has become a good "gateway" for me to clear my thoughts and focus on something that's not schoolwork, which is kinda the reason I took up this project. After thankfully receiving the RAW video from dearest Flow, I'd been working on this when I needed a break from everything. It's very entertaining! It's an old episode of A-Studio+ from before Gaya became the regular MC, when he guested on it himself. He talks about his past and how he "luckily" managed to get into Johnnys, stories about his family, friends, senpai and more. Perfect if you want to know more about Gaya.

I personally really love the way he talks and tells stories in a funny way, but then again I'm a Gaya fan so what would you expect coming from me lmao 😭

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[31/12/20] KITAYAMA DOU? end of year Q&A

I’m gonna start
answering the questions like i promised to

“I am a fan supporting from Korea. I am studying Japanese but i still have a long way to go, so if i unintentionally  say something rude or use weird words or expressions, i am sorry. I also have a question. What is your favourite drink that you have often in the winter?”

Oh! An overseas fan!
Thank you for working so hard and reaching this point!
I love onion soup

Kitayama-kun is cool
“If you were to sumarise this year in one Kanji, what would it be?”

光 (Mitsu)
t/n: is the symbol for “light” but it can also be read as “mitsu” as it is in “hiromitsu” (宏光)

“Mitsu-saan. Why did you dye your hair silver~??”

I just felt like it, is there a problem?

“How small is Shori-kun’s face?”

It’s like a bean

“Due to Corona, i have no work. No income either. Plus! I’ve developed a mental disorder! I’ve become unable to do anything. The one thing keeping me going is watching Kisumai when i cant even give my children something nice for Christmas. I’m sorry for moaning. I don’t have anybody to talk to.”

Thank you!
Thank you for talking to me even though you feel that you have nobody to talk to!
We’re going to get over this together, alright?
Ah, somehow the spacing on my letters looks weird!
Please ignore that haha

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