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[ENG SUB] Kisumai SUPER Busaiku 09.04.20

Hello! This was a project i decided to do on impulse simply because i enjoyed the episode a lot and i was in need of a lighter project to distract myself with. It is a surprise test which means the members are clueless about what Maiko is going to say to them and we can see their natural reactions which is a lot more funny imo.

The theme: How to react when faced with strong evidence from Maiko. In this case, she shows them a photo of them drinking with another girl on the day they were supposed to have a date.

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[TRANSLATION] Johnnys World Happy Live With You Kis-My-Ft2 and EbiKisu talks

Hello! I translated the Kisumai and EbiKisu MC talks from the Johnnys World Happy Live With You. I hope this helps people that didnt know what they were talking about/didn't get the chance to watch it. <3

EbiKisu's is pretty long, i love their friendship and seeing them talk together ;__;

And Re: is such a special song!! Each performance makes me emotional ;;

Anyways, hope you enjoy reading!!


Kitayama: Hiii~!

Others: Hello!

Kitayama: Hi~ We’re Kis-My-Ft2~ A very big thank you to everyone who watched our performances!

Kitayama: Before we came here we did a lot of planning.. thinking about what songs we’d like you to hear and what performances would make you happy. We planned a lot.

Nikaido: True~

Kitayama: There were songs that we’ve never performed before.

Nikaido: There was!

Miyata: “Up and down and up and down yo DANCE 😎”

Senga: That one~

Kitayama: What was that, Miyata-san?

Miyata: “Up and down and up and down yo DANCE 😁 ” (fujigaya dancing in the back)

Senga: ...“Sa hajimeyou tetetete MOTION...” hehe!!


Kitayama: You’re gonna start the song again at this rate.

Nikaido: That’s right, we added a new item!

Kitayama: Yeah. For the sake of this project, we decided to rehearse and perform a particularly good song. I think it was a nice surprise for those who are watching.

Nikaido: We added so much that we could literally make a whole music video out of it.

Others: (laughs) True.

Miyata: We really worked hard on the dance. Like “what do we do at this angle?” etc. I think we were able to show a good quality performance.

Kitayama: I think so. We don’t know until we check the footage ourselves, though. (Laughs) Because we’re the ones on stage.

Kitayama: ... and Yokoo-san, doesn’t your face looks pale? Are you okay?

Yokoo: ......... Eh? I’m okay. It’s been a while since we’ve danced.

Kitayama: True. Because we’ve been properly self-iscolating.

Yokoo: Also, when are these outfits from?

Kitayama: They’re from KimiBoku.

YokoNika: Ahh, KimiBoku.

Kitayama: They don’t really seem like typical “dancing” outfits, but when we tried them they were surprisingly stylish.

Yokoo: Can i say something personal? The length of my trousers is way too short...

Kitayama: Haven’t you grown taller, Yokoo-san? All of a sudden.

Tamamori: You grew taller in the isolation period.

Yokoo: I think my height grew during the “stay home” period. Because I slept too much.

Miyata: “Sleep brings a child up well”, right?

Kitayama: I’m jealous. Well, we’re already reaching the end of our stage time. The next song was also chosen by all seven of us, right?

Others: That’s right~

Kitayama: Tamamori-san, what song did we choose?

Tamamori: Huh? I’m the one saying it?

Kitayama: Go ahead.

Tamamori: Nah..... i cant say it.

Miyata: Then who’s gonna say it? (laughs)

Kitayama: How about Fujigaya-san?

Fujigaya: No... i can’t be the one to say such an important part. Anyone else?

Kitayama: (laughs) Why are you even worrying about that?

Tamamori: Lets save it to the last second!

Kitayama: Nope, i want to properly explain the meaning behind this song. There’s a proper story behind us receiving it.

Nikaido: I mean, we wrote the lyrics as a group right?

Yokoo: It’s like a letter to the fans.

Kitayama: Yup. There are people that see it as a letter, too. We picked out some parts from the fanletters we always receive and put them in the song, for example. Also, we’ve been together for almost 20 years now right?

Miyata: You’re right. This year it’s our 15th anniversary since becoming “Kis-My-Ft2”, but we’ve been together even longer than that.

Kitayama: Right. And... in the lyrics, i personally included nostalgic things such as “the journey to the station before our dance rehearsal”.

Nikaido: Oh yeah! I wrote something similar.

Kitayama: So it’s a song we all wrote together, it’d be great if you could listen to it.

Nikaido: The lights make it look like there are fans watching us here.

Miyata: It does, it’s pretty.

Kitayama: Are we okay for starting positions?

Others: Alright.

Kitayama: Lets sing-

Miyata: Oh, i’m here! Sorry sorry.

Others: Miyata-san...

Kitayama: Are we good?

Miyata: I danced too much, i’m lightheaded right now. (laughs)

Kitayama: Okay so this is a song we wrote for the fans. It’s perfect to show our daily gratitude right now, so we will sing. Please listen, it’s “Re:”.



Everyone: yayy~~!!

Nikaido: It’s been a while, huh?

Kawai: Okay okay, once again let’s say our group names. We just had separate Kisumai and A.B.C-Z corners, but let’s start from Kis-My-Ft2.

Kitayama: (looking around) So Miyata-san, you can start.

Miyata: Uh.. you’re saying my name and looking in the completely opposite direction. (laughs)

Kitayama: I totally lost sight of Miyata just now.

Miyata: I’m over here!

Kitayama: There you are! You need to bring out more of an aura.

Miyata: I’m being outshined by A.B.C-Z. Anyways, we are Kis-My-Ft2!!

Kisumai: Yayy~~ Look after us~~

Kawai: Well.. seeing as Miyata said it then Tsuka-chan should be the one to say it for us. (because they’re best friends)

Tsukada: Okay!! We are A.B.C-Z!!

Kawai: ...he just did it by himself. (laughs)

Kitayama: Aren’t you supposed to say that together? Like always.

Kawai: I mean, Tsuka-chan’s always so fast. He’ll always rush things.

Tsukada: You’re right... because i’m happy.

Kawai: After all, it’s been like... over 10 years? Since we’ve performed in Yokohama Arena together.

Miyata: When i looked back at old footage of us together, it had “2008” written on it.

Kawai: Right. It was around the time Hasshi just entered A.B.C-Z.

Others: 12 years ago...?

Kitayama: You’ve really grown up from the child you were 12 years ago.

Nikaido: You were in middle school.

Kawai: Yeah, you had literally just graduated from elementary school. So we performed “Daybreaker” with Kis-My-Ft2 after such a long time.

Nikaido: That’s amazing. In the rehearsal, when i asked Goseki-kun “what was this dance move again?” he’d say “just do what you want ☺️“

Senga: He was enlightened.

Kawai: Like a buddha.

Nikaido: He’s amazing.

Senga: In the past he would teach us the moves precisely.

Goseki: I feel like i’ve become an adult. (laughs) My attitude towards everyone.

Kawai: Speaking of becoming an adult... Hasshi and Taisuke sang part of the verse together right? Your new adult sexiness was showing way too much there.

Hashimoto: Oh really?

Fujigaya: Because we were singing together, i could hear the difference in his voice. He used to be so young.

Kawai: Then the one who hasn’t changed AT ALL since then is... Wataru.

Fujigaya: Actually, today he’s a little different. He grew his hair a little then swept it all back.


Tsukada: He’s wild, wild!

Yokoo: ‘Cause i grew my hair. But seriously all that’s changed about me is my eyesight getting worse.

Kitayama: That’s your charmpoint, the glasses.

Kawai: Are you always wearing them? Even in concerts?

Yokoo: I am.

Kitayama: He’s been regularly wearing them for about 1.5-2 years.

Fujigaya: It’s become his character now. “The member with glasses in Kisumai”.

Hashimoto: Even in normal concerts?

Yokoo: Yeah. They don’t fall off.

Kawai: Wait... we weren’t even dancing to an intense song just now, why do you look so tired?

Yokoo: ‘Cause i got hyped up. I’m tired.

Kawai: Your blood pressure was raised, huh.

Tsukada: Yokoo has this image of being an intellect, right? Like he’s skilful with small fiddly jobs. Through these 12 years, we’ve all grown so much huh? In a good way.

Tsukada: I mean, the choreographer always used to get so mad at Yokoo.


Kitayama: Tsukachan.... you sound like a tattletale kid from school.

Tamamori: You’re ratting out on him.

Yokoo: The truth is, i’ve been really scared today. (that he’s gonna get ratted out)


Kawai: Today you were able to see some unexpected member pairings, right? Like, you’ll never see Tamamori and Tottsu singing together anywhere else!

Tamamori: You’re right~ Back then, Tottsu’s hair was long. So today i was thinking “It’s so short!” in my head throughout the whole time we were singing.

Kawai: That’s all you were thinking about?

Tamamori: “It’s so short!” :O

Kitayama: You’re not focusing on the song at all! (laughs)

Totsuka: My hair’s short now~

Kitayama: It really suits you.

Kawai: How about you, Nika? When we did EbiKisu con together, you were ridiculously sulky...

Nikaido: *embarrassed*

Tsukada: It was his rebellious phase!

Kitayama: Why were you always trying to act so tough?

Totsuka: You were still a minor, right?

Nikaido: I was! Around 18 or 17 years old.

Kawai: Weren’t more than half of us minors at that time?

Fujigaya: Hasshi was a minor..

Nikaido: Yeah. Why was i so sulky back then? I’m having so much fun right now.


Kawai: It’s because you had such a phase that you’re able to enjoy it now.

Nikaido: Exactly. (laughs)

Kitayama: But Senga-san’s around the same age as Nikaido-san right?

Senga: You’re right. I’m the same age as Nika.

Kitayama: Senga-san.. i don’t think he was sulky at all?

Senga: I wasn’t sulky, right?

Kawai: It was around the same time as “EXIT” (senga’s old solo)

Senga: I’m the “silly” character after all. (laughs) I’ve always been the silly type of person, right?

Kawai: I don’t think so...

Nikaido: Since it’s been a while since we’ve all talked, Senga-san’s being shy.

Kawai: CUTE. (laughs)

Senga: It’s true. When the seven of us did our radio together, it had been a while since we’d talked face to face. I couldn’t look anyone in the eyes.

Kawai: I get you. When it’s been a while you somehow feel that way.

Senga: Right! Do you not get that, A.B.C-Z?

Tsukada: I mean, we’ve still been keeping in contact.

Kawai: We have, but... we did a group call once, right? The five of us.

Tsukada: We did, in our private time.

Kawai: At that time, we saw the other four members in front of us for the first time in a while, right? I was completely restless from nerves.

Others: Oh really~?

Nikaido: But if you talk about that it makes Kisumai look bad because we haven’t video called so let’s change subject.


Kawai: But... that’s exactly the image i have of your group. 😳

Miyata: Oi, what image do you have of us?

Hashimoto: That’s not good.

Kitayama: But, we’ve been messaging each other quite a lot. Talking about what we can do during this isolation period. Things about this project too.

Kawai: (points at Miyata) Oh, didn’t you and Tsukachan often drink together through video call?

Tsukada: Oh we did! Many times. But Kitayama refuses to join us. I’ve done it many times with Miyacchi though.

Kawai: Drinking alcohol?

Miyata: Yeah and... Tsukachan always falls asleep. When we do remote drinking parties, he’ll sleep so..

Tsukada: I feel relaxed.

Miyata: ...until the morning you can just see Tsukachan’s ceiling on the screen.


Hashimoto: It’s sweet of Miyacchi to not end the call.

Miyata: It just says “number of participants: 1”, and i’ll think “what’s he up to?” and all i can see is his ceiling. Even in the morning.

Tsukada: It’s just really comforting! Like i’ll see his face and relax.

Miyata: Then KitaMitsu hasn’t joined us at all.

Kitayama: No, the timing’s always bad for me. It’s around 10 o’clock most of the time, right? In the evening. Around 9-10pm. At that time i still have things to do at home.

Kitayama: But at that time Tsukachan’s already finished. By the time i get there, all i can see is his ceiling (laughs). He’s already asleep.

Tsukada: Ah.. Well, thats something we can only do because of this current situation, right? 😁


Miyata: Well, it was fun.

Tsukada: (looking at the other Kisumai members) Have you been doing any video calls?

Kawai: Taisuke doesn’t really have that image, does he?

Fujigaya: Not at all. A remote drinking party, right?

Kawai: Drinking parties or just general remote conversations. Don’t you do it with Shimekake (Travis Japan) or something?

Fujigaya: I dont. We stay in contact, though. We contacted, right? (gestures to Yokoo) I contacted Wataru.

Kawai: Wataru..... he doesn’t join us at all. In the group of Kamenashi(KAT-TUN)-kun, me, Miyadate(Snow Man) and him.

Senga: Oh... that rumoured “work out group” or something.

Fujigaya: So his stress builds from things like that, and from remote work locations, and i’m the one that listens to it all.

Kawai: Hey!! It’s not something that makes you stressed, right?

Yokoo: Nah, it’s not. He does listen to me sometimes though.

Kawai: Like “oh no, it’s coming”?

Yokoo: Uh... it’s always so early right? When you start.

Kawai: Wataru-san, around what time do you wake up normally?

Yokoo: 8-9am.

Others: That’s early!

Nikaido: What time do you sleep?

Yokoo: Around 10pm. So when you’re doing drinking parties i’m already asleep.

Kawai: Ah, I see. So when we’re working out you’re already doing other things.

Yokoo: Yeah. Like the laundry.

Kawai: Or playing with your dogs.

Nikaido: And where do you leave your phone again?

Yokoo: In the washroom.

Kawai: Why the hell??

Yokoo: I’m often in the washroom. Like when i use the laundry, etc.

Kawai: You can’t be in the washroom THAT much? What’s with that?


Fujigaya: (To Kawai) Why are you so good at retorting?

Yokoo: It could be for laundry, cleaning the bath, etc. I always do it really thoroughly.

Kawai: So the parts of the house where water is circulated.

Fujigaya: The amount of cleaning we do has increased, right. I also did lots of cleaning. Like rearranging things around the house.

Kawai: But various members have got specific hobbies, like our Tottsu does a lot of drawing.

Fujigaya: Oh, our Senchan! You draw too, right?

Kawai: You too, Senga?

Senga: That’s right. Because of this time period i’ve been drawing quite a lot.

Kawai: What kind of “touch” do you draw with?

(*my guess is that he wants senga to show with gestures what he looks like when he draws)

Senga: “What kind of touch”?? What do you mean?

Kitayama: The other day he draw a person with an octopus coming out of their mouth.

Kawai: That’s like what Cookie-san draws!! (a comedian)

Senga: I probably like drawing similar things to him. Drawing things in 3D with oil paints. I’ve probably spent a lot of time doing things like this as a hobby.

Kawai: Totsuka-san, do you also use oil paints?

Totsuka: Yes! Oh, we’re the same!

Kawai: What’s oil paint? Is it not just normal paint?

Senga & Totsuka: Oil paint is..

Kawai: You draw with oil?

Senga: Draw with oil.. well (laughs) it’s not like you physically draw with oil, it’s not like you just paint with salad oil or anything. There’s a type of paint called “oil paint”.

Tsukada: O-Olive oil? (laughs)

Kawai: That’s a weird part you chose to clarify.


Totsuka: For normal paints, you water it down with water. For oil paints you do that but with oil, and draw with the oil. You do everything with oil instead.

Nikaido: Why did you decide to take up drawing, Tottsu?

Totsuka: Ever since i was a child... i would doodle in class and get told off.

Tsukada: Ah, when we have free time.. you know how we usually have a whiteboard in the room? Tottsu will draw on that quite ofte-

Nikaido: Uh! Sorry, Tsukachan, i didn’t ask you.


Tsukada: I wanted to be the one to say “Tottsu is really good at drawing!”, though.

Totsuka: Thank you :)

Kitayama: Please listen to what Tamamori-san has to say as well!

Kawai: Tamachan, what have you been doing?

Tamamori: I uh... nothing, really.

Kawai: I heard from Kimura(Takuya)-san’s radio that you cooked brown rice.

Tamamori: Oh, you’re right. I’ve been cooking food that is especially good for my health.

Kawai: After all.. i mean.. you appeared in Grand Maison Tokyo. (chef drama)

Tamamori: Nah, those meals take a lot of time to make, you know.

Kawai: You can make amazing dishes right? Oh yeah, for Shounen Club Premium, you went somewhere as a group right? Ishigaki Island?

Kisumai: Ahh, we did.

Kawai: When i was watching it and saw Tama with meat in his hand, i thought “Wow, he’s gonna do it. He’s gonna make a French dish.“ I was so excited.


Tamamori: (Points to Kawai) He was watching it (The Shounen Club Premium) for a completely different reason.

Kitayama: Right. You’ve definitely watched that episode more than once, right?

Kawai: I watched it many times. It’s so funny! When Taisuke made those retorts about Senga drooling, it really felt like the usual Taisuke.


Senga: That episode was pretty much showing our usual selves.

Kawai: It was so funny. Anyways, It’s been a while since Kisumai and A.B.C-Z have been together. Well, we met briefly in the countdown concerts, but it’s never been just our groups together.

Others: That’s right~

Kawai: Shall we sing one other song?

Miyata: Sounds good!

Others: Let’s do it~

Kitayama: If we didn’t, this would end as a talk show. (laughs)

Kawai: That’s right (laughs). We’ve done more talking than performing. What shall we sing? Shall we get a cane and sing Lion Heart?

Nikaido: Hey, that’s a song from my dark phase. (starts to mimic his old dancing)


Kitayama: I wonder if they have that footage somewhere~

Kawai: We want to see it, right?

Kitayama: I wanna see~

Kawai: Then in the centre Senga will be like (weird dance movements).

Senga: Oi, that’s from my old solo song.

Kawai: “EXIT”.

Senga: We don’t talk about that. It won’t be shown to the world anymore.

Kawai: It’s already been “exited” to the world.

Kawai: Alright then, shall we start- huh, am i in the right place? Okay! One more song. Well “Daybreaker” is A.B.C-Z and Kisumai’s song, but this is another very special song to us. Our two groups would like to sing together. And with that.. here we go!





Hello!! I know that i haven't done much at the moment, but i'd like to make a masterlist for the translated things i post on my LJ so it's easier to navigate around. I also hope i can see my growth through this <3

note: i write dates in the format day/month/year

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Kis-My-Ft2 - Smilest

I posted this on Twitter, but only just got the energy to post it properly here. I translated Kisumai's Smilest which is from the To-y2 album. The lyrics are really positive so it's a nice song to listen to if you need motivation. Usual rules apply, please give credit if you use my translations somewhere. Enjoy <3



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As some of you may know, i collaborate with aejayy and we translate Kisumai's jwebs daily. We always post them on twitter rather than on LJ but this time Mitsu answered some questions from the fans which meant that it's longer than usual. Therefore i posted it here.

This may continue for a while and whenever Mitsu does one of these Q&A sessions i will be posting them here :D


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Kis-My-Ft2 To-y2 song translations

Hello! My friends and i have been translating some songs from Kisumai's latest album, To-y2. Here i am going to make a masterlist of the songs with links to where you can find the translations. Not all of them have been translated yet, but i will add them as we go along.


To yours




Letting Go

Positive Man


Be alright

My Place

Edge Of Days

Make You Mine






# NO!NO! (Tamamori and Nikaido)

バクテリア (Fujigaya and Kitayama)

王国の蝶 (Yokoo and Senga)

運命 (Tamamori and Miyata)

If you translated any yourself, let me know (if you would like) and i will add a link to your translation :D


Fujigaya Taisuke & Kitayama Hiromitsu - Bacteria

Well,, this song is like the complete opposite of what i just posted but that's okay.. here is my translation of "Bacteria" by Kisumai's Fujigaya and Kitayama

usual rules apply.. 

well uh one other thing if you're not comfortable with songs with adult themes please don't read fjhsnkd

バクテリア (Bacteria) 


Through our lips our feelings are traded 

With me only, let’s exchange secrets 

Panting in the ear, in the ear  

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Kis-My-Ft2 - memento

Hi! I will slowly start posting my song translations on my LJ too. This is one of my favourite songs from the new album, the story and lyrics truly are beautiful.

It's the theme song for Taisuke's drama, "やめるときも、すこやかなるときも". I will post my interpretation underneath <3

Please remember, if you ever intend on using my translations please ask me first and give credit <3



The faint rays of sun stretch across the pavement. 

I get flashbacks of the two of us, on that day. 

What things have changed since then? 

Without a reason, i start to count them, one by one. 

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